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How to distinguish lumps that are dangerous and not

How does it feel if you suddenly find a lump that has never existed in your body before? Maybe you will feel confused, panicked, start to guess the cause, or even ignorant and not too concerned about these lumps. Lumps or tumors can appear anywhere on the body. For example in the head, behind the ears, neck, body, to the feet. Lumps that appear can be caused by congenital birth (congenital), infection or inflammation, trauma (injury), and abnormal growth of body cells (neoplasms). Most of these lumps are harmless. Characteristics of Dangerous Lumps There are several questions that you must answer to find out if a lump is dangerous or not, namely: 1. When do lumps appear? Lumps that have existed since birth are usually harmless. Hemangiomas are examples of congenital congenital lumps that do not require treatment. This lump will shrink by itself as you age. 2. Did the previous impact or injury begin? Most bumps due to injury are just ordinary muscle bruises. These lumps arise
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Pregnant Women, Know How to Overcome and Prevent Worms

Worms can occur to anyone, including pregnant women. This condition might trigger concern, but Bumil must remain calm. Come on, know how to overcome and prevent intestinal worms through the following description. Various types of worms can infect and cause complaints. In pregnant women, intestinal worms that are not handled properly can increase the risk of malnutrition and anemia. How to Overcome Worms Worms can occur when pregnant women come in contact with material contaminated with worm eggs and worms, for example when consuming water, stepping on the ground barefoot, or accidentally touching animal waste. Some of the symptoms that pregnant women can experience are nausea, flatulence, loss of appetite or even increase, abdominal pain, diarrhea, to drastic weight loss. If you experience the symptoms above, pregnant women should consult with an obstetrician. This is so that pregnant women can get proper examination and treatment. After worms are confirmed, pregnant women wil

French Fries Are Unhealthy, This Is The Way To Overcome It

French fries are one of the favorite foods. However, high-calorie french fries make fans of french fries must be careful. There are several ways you can do to reduce the negative effects of fried potatoes, especially by paying attention to the way it is processed. Potatoes do contain a variety of nutrients. However, fried potatoes are recommended for limited consumption. In fact, a moderate portion of French fries in fast food restaurants generally contains 300-400 calories. High Calorie and Fat Fried Potatoes French fries along with other fried foods are indeed very tempting. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, so it can make people want to continue to consume them. In a study revealed, french fries are high-calorie foods and are closely related to weight gain. Apart from being high in calories, one medium portion of French fries in fast food restaurants contains about 300-500 milligrams of sodium or salt. So if you often eat french fries seasoned with salt, you may f